The Horch 14-17 PS was a veteran vehicle produced between 1903 and 1904.

In 1902, August Horch relocated his business from Cologne to Reichenbach in the Vogtland district, where he began work on the development of a 4-cylinder car.

In May 1903 the first test drive took place. In October 1903, this Horch 4-cylinder car was presented with two displacement versions at the exhibition at the Crystal Palace in Leipzig. However, production in significant numbers did not commence until in May 1904, when the company relocated again to the nearby town of Zwickau.

The car's four-cylinder in-line engine had a capacity of 2,725cc and produced between 14-17hp (hence the name) at 1,000rpm. The maximum speed of the car was 65 km/h and they sold for 11,200 marks.