The Horch 8 Type 303 is a car which was built by Horch as successor to the Model 10 M 25.

The car had an 8-cylinder, DOHC in-line engine (with two vertical shafts) and a 3.2-litre capacity. The engine developed 60 horsepower and a 4-speed transmission was fitted which had a shift lever in the center of the car. Power was delivered to the rear wheels and the engine was mounted in the front of the car.

The body styles on offer were a touring car, a limousine and a convertible.

1927 saw the appearance of the Horch 8 type 304 which had a short chassis as a convertible. That same year, the Type 305 and Type 306 had their engines replaced replaced with a larger 3.4 litre unit which developed 65 horsepower.

A 4 litre engined variant was introduced in 1928. The engine was able to produced 80 hp. By 1930 cars were called the Type 350 and Type 375. In 1931 they were called Type 400 or Type 405 .

Given the global economic crisis, thye designers (Paul Daimler and Fritz Fiedler) simplified the engine design. There was only a single overhead camshaft and a vertical shaft . A "low-end model," which appeared as the Type 430 had a 3 litre engine which produced 65hp. However, there were still models with 4 litre engines such as the Type 410 and Type 440 (or from 1932 the Type 710). In addition, more models were made which included some with a 4.5 litre displacement and a power output of 90 horsepower These were the Type 420, Type 450 and Type 470 (or from 1932 Type 720, Type 750 and Type 750B). It didn't stop there, you could have a car with a 5 litre engine and power output of 100hp. There were called the Type 480 and Type 500/500 A (or from 1932 Type 500B, Type 780 and Type 780B).

A total of 12,000 vehicles were made by the time production stopped in 1935.