The Horch 8/24 PS was a car produced between 1911 and 1922.

After August Horch left the company which he had founded in 1909, the Horch factory initially stuck with the technical/design legacy of the company founder. With advancing engine technology, a customer group raised its voice in favour of smaller, less expensive cars.

To meet this request, the Horch factory launched the entry-level models 6/18 hp and 8/24 in 1911. These were powered by modern block engines. The engine in the 8/24 PS was a four-cylinder in-line unit which had a capacity of 2,080cc. This produced a maximum of 24 hp at 1,800rpm. The top speed of the cars was 70 km/h with fuel consumption being 12 litres per 100 km.

During the production run, 902 cars were built being sold for 6,000 marks (for just the bare chassis).