The Horch 855 Special Roadster was an automobile produced between 1938 and 1939.

The Horch 855 Special-Roadster was one of the most expensive and most exclusive Horch cars in the company's history. Only seven of these cars were built. They were fitted with an eight-cylinder in-line engine that had a capacity of 4,911cc. The engine had a maximum power output of 120hp at 3600rpm. The cars had a top speed of 87mph and a fuel consumption of 11 mpg.

The car was designed for sale to the top German officials. This was a shorter version of 853 and was fitted the best German coachwork available. The 855 was not replaced after the war. They had detached rear fenders and a wheelbase of 3300 mm.

Each of the 7 cars was sold for 22,000 Reichmarks.