They Type 853 was made by Horch between 1936 and 1939, only 950 were produced.

The Type 853 was popular among Germany’s rich and famous, as it was the only German-made car that offered an alternative to Mercedes-Benz. All Horch cars were very solidly built.

The Type 853 was of Fiedler/Schleicher design with a 4944cc straight-eight engine. This engine had a single overhead camshaft and massive ten-bearing crankshafts. The engine was mounted in the front of the car and power was delivered to the rear wheels. The car had all-round independent suspension.

Straight-eight permutations seemlingly limitless, but 853s have hydraulic servo brakes and four-speed overdrive 'boxes, late ones with synchro on all ratios. A dry weight of well over 5000lbs does not, however, make for sparkling performance.