The Institec Justicialista was a line of cars produced by the government of Argentina through its IAME (Industrias Aeronáutica y Mecánicas del Estado) from 1954 to 1955 as an early attempt to form an Argentine automotive industry. It used a front engine front wheel drive layout with a two-stroke two-cylinder engine derived from a German DKW design. and a conventional metal body.

Due to the insistence of General Peron to have a sports car version made, a fiberglass two seat version was available as a coupe or roadster and featured a 1.5 liter air-cooled Porsche flat-four and a Porsche four-speed gearbox driving the front wheels.Michael Sedgwick. When General Peron was overthrown in 1955, the project was abandoned leading to the gradual disappearance of the Justicialista. It was later briefly revived as the short lived Wartburg powered Graciela.


Through a decree dated 30 November 1949 and signed by the President of the Argentine Nation, Juan Domingo Perón, took charge of the factory processing of IAME Navy aircraft. In 1953, Brigadier Juan Ignacio San Martin, head of the Aviation Industry and State Mechanical IAME, proposed to President Juan Domingo Perón automobile manufacturing. This metalworking facilities to take advantage of IAME. In order to shorten development times, a rural DKW was imported and its technology was adapted. The original DKW two-cylinder engine had low power and was insufficient for the sedan. Then Magellan Raúl proposed a two-stroke engine but with a "V" type engine, the solution used in their Austrian factory Puch engines of 125 and 250 cc displacement.Magellan's engine was completely original but with four cylinders, two combustion chambers and a displacement of 800 cc, it was called the M-800.The bodywork was inspired by the 51 Chevrolet and the IAME aeronautical designers gave their particular image.For sports cars, a brand-new technology was applied. Reinforced plastic (polyester) fiber glass, to lower the weight. After several prototypes were developed, a hardtop version 2+2 was released, of which 167 units were manufactured before ending production.

End of Production

In the nearly two years of manufacture, 2300 cars were produced between the Chatito, the vans and the sedans. The new leadership imposed by the de facto national government gave the plant to the national car distributor Porsche and was renamed Teramo. The Justicialista was changed: the engine was put in the back, changing the tube to resemble the Porsche, and was named Pointer.