The Rastrojero Conosur was a car designed from the second generation utilitarian Rastrojero Diesel. It is a 4-door sedan especially designed for use in taxi fleets. This car was built by the state enterprise State Mechanical Industries, of Argentina, from 1974 until 1979, when they ended the operations of this factory.The car was aesthetically similar to a Diesel Rastrojero double cab, but the part where the cargo box should go had a trunk designed with a small slope, leaving aside the straight line of the box of the original model.As far as its mechanics are concerned, it was the same as the pickup. A 4.88 Indenor XD engine 1946 cm3 that delivers an output of 60 hp, powered by diesel oil through an indirect injection system Bosch EP / VA, all coupled to a 4 speed Borgward gearbox.Its production ended on May 22 of 1979, as the entire line and all products Rastrojero. Their production was mainly for use as a taxi, even today, some models tend to be restored though not as taxis, but as private vehicles.