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Before uploading any images, please read the following to understand the basic guidelines on images on this wiki. Violation may result in penalties depending on level of offense.

  • It is preferred that the images you upload are your own work. If desired, you may watermark your work in a corner etc. You may also upload public domain and freely-licenced images. Acceptable licences include CC-BY, CC-BY-SA, and all licences published by the Free Software Foundation (including GFDL and GPL). CC-BY-NC and CC-BY-ND images may not be uploaded unless they are used in accordance with fair use law or permission has been given for their use. Copyrighted pictures may be uploaded under the regulations of fair use law, but will only be allowed on pages where no freely-licenced or currently public domain alternatives are likely to be added (such as on pages for deceased individuals or for cars that no longer exist or are not viewable by the public). Copyrighted images which you have obtained permission to use may also be added to the wiki (these are not subject to the restrictions on images uploaded under fair use). When adding images that are not yours, be sure to attribute the author and source.
  • Exclusions may apply for personal pages and category pages. (Please contact an Admin to find out more)
  • If it is found that the photos you have uploaded do not follow the guidelines outlined above, you may be banned (sentence depends on severity) and the content will be deleted.
  • No duplicate images. This includes:
  • Duplicates with only the size altered.
  • Images with only slightest differences with already existing files.
  • No images that serve no purpose in any of the articles, forums and templates.
  • Meaning, any images that are not relevant to the wiki unless use for personal pages (user pages, blogs, etc.)
  • No images that are offensive or completely unrelated to classic cars.
  • Please categorize all uploaded images, as well as provide source and licensing. Add a summary if desired.
  • High quality images are preferred, as well as appropriate sizes.
  • Use the description box to describe what we can see in the photo.
  • Do not upload any pixelated photos, or ones which are out of resolution. Also try to refrain from uploading photos which are not in contrast and are too light or too dark.