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One thing that fans of Inspector Morse will always remember is his car, one of style, class and taste: the Jaguar MkII. Originally in the novels Morse drove a Lancia, however, actor John Thaw (quite rightly) demanded to drive a British car. Of course they supplied him with the least favourable model with its steel wheels and Everflex roof, no doubt to point out eversosubtly that yes a policeman may own a Jaguar....but on a policeman's budget it won't be top of the range.

The 'Morse model' as it's affectionately known has become loved by many throughout the nation and indeed the world, at least by those of us of the old breed of television audiences (i.e. those of us who haven't rotted our brains away with X-Factor and Big brother) to some it brings back memories of a Tuesday evening on the sofa in our smoking jackets and slippers trying to figure out who the killer was, to others it is a symbol of being British.

The car itself has it's own dedicated website and fan pages and also tours the country going to classic cars events, cultural events and fundraisers. It overhauled in 2005 in a massive restoration at a total cost of £100,000 before being sold to a private collector who wished the car to remain in the UK.

The model used in the TV series is the 2.4l engine model generating 120bhp and capable of a top speed of 120mph. The original plates (248 RPA) were issued in July 1960 by Surrey County Council. To date there are 79,460 miles on the odometer.