The Apollo was a car built by Intermecannica between 1964 and 1965.

It was launched by Newt Davis and Milt Brown. The aluminum body, designed by Ron Plescia and Franco Scaglione, was built in Italy by Carrozzeria Intermecannica.

Final assembly took place in California using a specially designed ladder-type tubular steel frame. The car, powered by Buick's aluminum V-8 and equipped with Buick Special suspension parts, was a critical success, meeting universal praise.

With the larger engine fitted, the top speed was claimed to be 150mph/240kmh (0-60mph in 7.5 seconds) but the company was not sufficiently strong to advertise nationally, or establish a dealer network.

To make matters worse, nobody thought very highly of the power unit—the Buick engine (which lived on as the Rover V8). The bodies were expensive and production ceased in 1964.

Intermeccanica then supplied the bodies to a firm in Texas, which used them to make a car called the Vetta Ventura. Only 19 of these were made.

Only 88 cars in total were built: 76 coupes, 11 convertibles, and a 2+2 coupe prototype.

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