The Indra was a car produced by Intermeccanica from early 1971 to mid-1974.

The Indra was launched at the 1971 Geneva Motorshow.

Most of the Indras were sold in Germany through Opel Dealers Network. The car was a partial joint venture between Intermeccanica and Opel.

The engines were either 327 or 350 V8 Chevy engines. Some also had a straight 6 Opel engine. The cars were fitted with a GM Turbo Hydramatic transmission.

Indras have DeDion rear suspension and ZF recirculating ball power steering. They all had four wheel vented disc brakes.

Production ended in 1975 after 127 cars were made in this time (60 convertibles, 40 coupes and 27 two plus twos) because the GM parts were getting too difficult to obtain.

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