The Intermeccanica Phoenix was a prototype car built in 1966.

John Fitch’s second car was called the Phoenix. It was based on the Chevrolet Corvair. It had a sensationally beautiful body built in Italy by Intermeccanica. A roll bar was built into the top. The rear window would open and close electrically. The roof panel was removable and stowable in the trunk.

Bulges in the front fenders hid the two spare tires. The rear-mounted Corvair engine was modified to produce more power than normal. A top speed in excess of 130 mph was claimed. Only one prototype was built.

The engine was a 164 cid six-cylinder air-cooled unit. The engine had overhead valves and the block was made from aluminium. The engine was able to produce 170bhp at 5200 rpm. A four-speed manual transmission was fitted.

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