The 2½ Litre was a car made by Invicta between 1925 and 1926.

The car was fitted with a 2.7 litre overhead-valve Meadows engine. The engine was mounted in the modified Bayliss-Thomas chassis complete with a Meadows four-speed gearbox. Twin Solex carburettors were fitted and the spiral bevel gear was made by Beverley-Barnes.

The engine was largely conventional with pushrod-operated overhead valves with chain drive for the magneto, dynamo and camshaft. The top speed of the car was 62mph (100kmh).

The chassis was 9ft 4in long with semi-elliptical leaf-springs all round and an Alford & Adler front axle. Brakes were fitted on all four wheels.

The body was impressive in its appearance. It had rivets down the sides of its tail and a tall radiator.

The chassis cost £595 when new and it was the client's choice on which coachbuilder they used but most used the Gordan England firm.