The 3 Litre was a car built by Invicta between 1926 and 1930.

The 3 Litre succeeded the 2½ Litre in 1925. It's engine was a 3 litre Meadows unit. It was of push-rod overhead-valve design with cooling via a water pump and thermostat. The engine was connected to a four-speed Meadows gearbox via a single-plate clutch. The engine produced 75bhp and the top speed of the car was 70mph (113kmh).

A choice of chassis was introduced. You could have either the shorted 9ft 4in chassis or the longer 10ft chassis in order to carry the bigger and heavier coachwork. Semi-elliptical leaf-springs were fitted all round and brakes were fitted on all four wheels. Like the 2½ Litre, the 3 Litre had an Alford & Adler front axle.

The standard chassis cost £595 and the longer chassis cost £610.

Record Attempts

In 1926 a 3 Litre was taken to the Monza track in Italy for a record-breaking attempt. The car had a special lightweight body which was made by Compton & Hermon of Walton-on-Thames. The team came away with a string of Italian and International records at 10,000 and 15,000 miles (16,000 and 24,000km). They used this to maximum effect in their publicity. Later on Miss Corderly (Macklin's sister-in-law) took the car to Brooklands where she made successful record attempts for the 5000 miles (8000km).