Isuzu Asso Di Fiori

Isuzu Asso di Fiori -

The Isuzu Asso di Fiori was a concept car built in 1979.

The car used the platform of the Gemini 1800 (Japanese version of the American Chevrolet Chevette). The manufacturer would not interfere with the design development phase, but would wait to view the finished prototype to decide on mass production follow-ups.

The result was the Asso di Fiori. Here, through the complete faith placed in Giugiaro by the manufacturer and his own internal need for a new approach to shapes having come into a head, Giugiaro unleashed his creativity. Italdesign’s stand at the Geneva Motor Show was perennially swelling with people: journalists, designers, and manufacturers, all came to see what Giugiaro had "been up to" this time.

Exterior drip channels eliminated, all flush-fitting windows, and limousine doors and rear hatch are the three ideas that had already been glimpsed at individually both on his earlier prototypes and, partially, on other cars.