Isuzu Bellett MX1600

Isuzu Bellett MX1600 -

The Isuzu Belleyy MX1600 was a concept supercar built in 1969 by Ghia.

Isuzu are not a company you would usually associate with sleek supercars, however they have shown a few. At the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show Isuzu presented the first of two concept cars, the Bellett MX1600.

The car had a mid mounted 1.6 litre engine from the GT-R version of the Bellett powering the rear wheels. Inside the car were a two seat sports affair and being Japanese is was right hand drive. In 1970 Isuzu presented a second MX1600 concept car, the imaginatively named MX1600-II. It was only subtlety different from the 1969 model, mainly in the front end styling.

Sadly the car never made it into production or it would have provided an interesting counterpoint to the ever popular S30 platform Nissans, as well as acting as a predecessor to the Honda NSX in terms of Japanese super cars.

The car was designed by Tom Tjaarda, who worked at Ghia, Pininfarina and Italdesign, his hand can be seen in many Pininfarina cars of the 60’s from Fiat to Mercedes. Most notable here is the De Tomaso Pantera, whose design is said to be a direct descendant of the Isuzu MX1600.