ItalDesign Medici 2

ItalDesign Medici II -

The ItalDesign Medici II (also known as the Maserati Medici II) is a concept car from 1976.

In 1974, Giugiaro began a project to design a four-door Maserati that combined the luxury of an American limousine with abundant power.

The Medici was built on an existing Maserati chassis and boasted a longitudinally mounted 5.0-litre V8 engine. Inside, the car had seating for six people with four ‘living-room’ style chairs facing each other, making the car feel homelike. The velour-lined interior gave an atmosphere reminiscent of a luxury limousine. Giugiaro sought a ‘balanced and elegant’ shape for the body of the car, taking styling cues from some of his previous work such as the Audi Asso Di Picche concept.

The final outcome was atypical of Giugiaro. The car has a bonnet that was too streamlined for the roofline, therefore resulting in an oddly proportioned car.

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