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The Jaguar FT is a concept car built in 1966 by Bertone.

It was commissioned by Italian Jaguar importer Ferruccio Tarchini with the notion was to present a four-seater coupé based on the S-Type 3.8 at the 1966 Geneva Motor Show.

Tarchini's vision was of a coachbuilt model to rival those of Italy's domestic marques, to be a mainstream Italian Jaguar. This plan never came to fruition (most likely because Jaguar didn't feel that Bertone's design represented any of their core values).

Initially it was planned to distribute this car through the Jaguar sale organisation in Italy and abroad, but in the end production was limited to just the prototype. They called it the Jaguar FT, following the initials of Ferruchio Tarchini.

There is a familiar Jaguar look in the car, with a Mk X style radiator grill and a very luxurious interior.

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