The Jaguar XJR-7 was a prototype racecar raced by Group 44 from 1985 until 1988.

The XJR-7 was designed by Lee Dykstra, built by the Group 44 racing team of Bob Tullius and sponsored by Jaguar. From 1985 to 1988 this race car participated in 17 races and finished in the top 10 in 11 of those races. It won the 3-hour West Palm Beach Grand Prix of 1987 with Hurley Haywood and John Morton driving; and beating ex-team mate Chip Robinson driving the Holbert Porsche. Other noted drivers included Bob Tullius, Brian Redman, and Chip Robinson.

The XJR-7 is powered by a 367.5 cubic-inch V12 flathead, dual overhead camshaft, fuel injected race engine that develops 632hp.


Chassis XJR-7/001

This is the first of five XJR-7s built by Group 44 to campaign in the IMSA GTP Championship. It debuted late in 1985 with a fourth in the Daytona 3 Hours. In the following two season it was raced by Hurley Haywood, joined in 1986 by Brian Redman and the next year by John Morton. In that season chassis XJR-7/001 was driven to what would be the last victory for the Group 44, in the West Palm Beach 3 Hours. With Haywood joined by team principal Bob Tullius and Whitney Ganz, the car made a final appearance at the 1988 Daytona 24 Hours where it was unfortunately forced to retire with overheating issues.

While Tullius held on to most of the Jaguar GTP prototypes that were still around at the end of the program, chassis XJR-7/001 was sold to a collector in 1992. He maintained the car to full running order and regularly showed it events.

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