The Jeep CJ-10 was a CJ-bodied based pickup truck that had a modified J series chassis. Produced from 1981 through 1985, it was sold mainly as an export vehicle. They featured square headlights mounted in the fenders and a 9-slot grille, a homage to the old Jeeps of WWII which originally had a 9 slot grille (the civilian model, the CJ-2 and 2a, were given a 7 slot grille as a distinction between the military and civilian models). These were equipped with either a Nissan 3.3 diesel, or a 258 AMC engine. The driveline consisted of a Tremec T177 four-speed manual or 727 automatic, a New Process 208 transfer case, and a Dana 44 front differential combined with a Dana 60 rear differential.