The Jensen 4½ Litre was a car made by Jensen between 1938 and 1941.

The Jensen 4½ Litre had a 4274cc Nash straight-eight engine of pushrod overhead-valve design. It was left in its standard form which included dual ignition, twin coils and twin plugs per cylinder. There was also a mechanical and electronic fuel pump along with a nine bearing crankshaft.

The car was fitted with a three-speed gearbox (with synchromesh on the 2nd and 3rd gears) as long with a single-plate clutch. The engine produced 120bhp and the top speed of the car was 88mph (142kmh).

The Jensen 4½ Litre chassis was based on that from the Jensen 3½ Litre. It was essentially the same except that it had independent twin transverse leaf-springs in the front. The chassis was also lengthened to make it 10ft 11in. Transverse leaf-springs were fitted on the rear. Cable operated brakes were fitted on all four wheels.

The tourer cost £845 and the saloon cost £895 when new.

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