Jowett 7hp

The 7hp is a car manufactured by Jowett Cars Ltd from 1919 to 1936. A total of 11,444 examples were made.

Two variants of the 7hp were built, and can be distinguished from each other by their lengths and years of manufacture. The "short" variant was produced between 1919 and 1930, and was sold as a two-door saloon. It featured three-speed transmission, and later adopted four wheel brakes in 1930.

The vehicle rode on a 84 in (2100 mm) wheelbase. The "long" variant was built from 1930 to 1936, and was offered as a tourer or saloon. The vehicle's wheelbase was increased to 102 in (2600 mm). It featured 12-volt electrics beginning in 1933, and a four-speed gearbox in 1934. Both variants of the 7hp were fitted with a 907cc side-valve flat twin engine.


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