The Dragon was a car produced by Kaiser for the 1951 and 1953 model years only. The Dragon got it's name as the vinyl upholstery was claimed to resemble dragon skin.


In 1951, Kaisers were redesigned and a new vinyl upholstery was added. It was called "Dragon skin" instead of alligator so people would not think that it was real alligator skin. A two-page color add ran in Life. The cars also had thick carpet. Then came the second series cars, named for their color(i.e. Mariner Gray was called "Silver Dragon") and vinyl on the roof, which had a different pattern to it than the interior, and so was called Dinosaur. The last series came only in Tropical Green and were called "Jade Dragons"


After a year of no Dragons, the 1953 Kaiser Dragon was introduced on Oct. 31, 1952. This time, the Dragon was a separate model, not a trim option. These cars were upscale, and had many high-end standard features, such as an electric clock, a radio, a heater, windshield wipers, a vinyl top that resembled bamboo, 14-carat gold plated hood and fender nameplates, interior trim(including a nameplate on the glove box door that was personalized with the owner's name), and hood ornament, plus power steering and padding in the glove box. They only came in four-door sedans. Front leg room was 45.1 inches (1,150 mm), with real leg room at 39.5 inches. Unfortunately, these cars were expensive for the time at $3,924 ( a comparable 1953 Buick Roadmaster cost $3,358 and came with Buick's 188 hp 322CID V8, vs. the Dragon's 118 hp I6). Also, 0-60 mph time was a slow 15 seconds Only 1,277 were sold.