The LMB Debonair was a two-seater kit car that was produced between 1960 and 1962.

The Debonair could be built on either of two different ladder-frame chassis. Each one used a semi-swing axle front suspension featuring Citroën 2CV-style leading arms. At the rear was a transverse double cantilever layout. The ‘A’ model chassis suited the Ford side-valve engines while the ‘B’ model was designed for the new Ford over-head valve and BMC B-series engines.

Shortly after developing these chassis Leslie Ballamy came to an agreement with the Edwards Brothers (EB) of Stoke to retail their newly released Debonair fibreglass body shell. Mated to his chassis and sporting a Ford Engine, Ballamy sold this stylish coupe as the LMB Debonair GT.

In April 1962, Leslie Ballamy unfortunately retired from the automotive industry and the chassis of the LMB Debonair later went on to form the basis for the Reliant Sabre, although this was then mated to a modified Ashley 1172 body shell.