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1938 Lagonda V12

The Lagonda V12 was introduced at the 1936 Motor Show as 'the best car in the world'.

The W O Bentley 4480cc V12 engine was capable of 180 bhp and a top speed of 100mph, from its four-speed synchromesh gearbox. The engine had a single overhead camshaft for each bank of cylinders.

The chassis came in three sizes, these where 10ft 4in, 11ft and 11ft 6in. The chassis had independent torsion-bars in the front and semi-elliptical leaf-springs in the rear. Lockheed hydraulic brakes were fitted as well as a Borg & Beck single-plate clutch.

Produced from 1937 and 1940 the 190 V12s made came at a cost of £1575.

The car competed in the 1939 Le Mans race and finished third and fourth.

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