The Lamborghini Countach Evoluzione was a concept car designed by Horacio Pagani. The car was built in 1987.

The car is probably the strangest looking Countach ever. It looks as if it left the factory before it got painted or upholstered.

The cockpit, including the floor and roof panels, the central transmission tunnel, the door sills and the front and rear bulkheads were all made in one piece of composite materials. A honeycomb and aluminum foil sandwich material, Kevlar and carbon fibre bonded together under partial vacuum at 140 degrees Celsius. This composite material was made in an autoclave.

Various body parts were also changed to composite ones, the front hood, the engine cover and boot lid. Other parts include the front spoiler and the wheel arches, which were now connected through sills with air-cooling vents for the rear brakes.

The total weight of the Evoluzione was only 980 kg. This was about 500 kg less than the Countach QV5000S. The engine was a 5167cc V12 which produced 360 kW (490 PS). The top speed of the car was 330 km/h (205 mph) and it could go from 0-60 in about 4.2 s.

The car was never painted and the riveting of the body parts remained visible when you opened the door, even the carbon fibre and Kevlar kept their natural gloss under their thin layer of glue to keep them in shape. On the inside the same rough appearance was evident, only two seats and a small carbon-fibre dashboard were used, with a tachometer, water temperature, fuel level and oil pressure gauges.

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