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The Lamborghini Marco Polo (or ItalDesign Marco Polo) was a styling exercise by ItalDesign built in 1982.

The car was originally built as a prototype for John DeLorean. It was supposed to be the evolution of Giugiaro's Lancia Medusa concept, a very aerodynamic four-door from 1980. So Italdesign came up with a wooden mockup in Turin, but since DMC ran out of money by the time it was finished, the Italian master had to recycle his design.

Not a running prototype, this Giugiaro design was only a painted plastic model for aerodynamic research. The Lamborghini badge on the nose of the car was not to imply any design program undertaken with the factory but was a compliment paid by Giugiaro to the famous manufacturer that became noteworthy for pushing the limits of automotive design. Although Lamborghini has a more exciting image to its products, Giugiaro decided to give this study a less aggressive line, preferring instead to focus on aerodynamic efficiency in order to provide a quieter passenger compartment and higher speed while maintaining fuel consumption.

The Marco Polo, while a four seater, has only two doors of the gullwing style used on the Marzal and can be opened from either the front or back seats. The car stands 1300mm high, 1870mm wide and 4575mm long and boasts a cx of only 0.24.

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