The 40 was a car made by Lanchester between 1919 and 1929. 392 cars were made in this time.

The cars were fitted with a 6179cc six-cylinder engine which had a single overhead camshaft. The engine was connected to a three-speed epicyclic gearbox via a single plate clutch. The engine produced 96bhp and with the gearbox the car could reach a top speed of 78mph (126kmh).

The chassis came in two sizes, the 11ft 9in or 12ft 6in version. Semi-elliptical leaf-springs were fitted in the front and cantilever suspension was fitted on the rear. As standard a footbrake controlled a brake on the transmission and the handbrake controlled the drum brakes on the rear wheels. In 1924 all-wheel brakes were fitted as standard and in 1928 a Dewandre servo was fitted.

The 40 was a competitor to the Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost and the Rolls-Royce Phantom I

The price of the tourer cost £2300 in 1922.

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