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The 1911, the year that marked the inauguration of the new larger establishments Via Montgenevre, was also featured in home Lancia, the new model from the 20/30 HP (Type 56, then Delta), very powerful and fast.

Even if the information is almost nil, it seems that the Delta was built, albeit in small quantities, is also a version further enhanced, mainly intended to sporting use, remembered as Lancia Didelta

Power and speed aside, the main technical characteristics of this sports model should not differ from those of the Delta. Specifications

Production period: year 1911 Engine : Type not defined, maybe 57; engine front, longitudinal, 4-cylinder in-line, one-piece (cast iron); displacement estimated total value of the model in the same Delta or 4084 cc ( bore 100 mm, stroke 130 mm) cylinder head fixed, alloy crankcase d aluminum, distribution parallel side-valve (2 valves per cylinder) operated by a camshaft side (in the basement) driven by gears, power supply through a pump (driven by the camshaft) with carburetor vertical one-piece Lancia, high-voltage magneto ignition ( Bosch ) with manually adjustable value of the advance, forced lubrication with pump, water cooling, forced circulation, finned tube radiator, mechanical fan; Transmission : shaft with universal joints, rear wheel drive, clutch multi-disc oil bath; rates (in box light alloy ) 4-speed plus reverse lever control side; Suspension : front rigid axle and longitudinal semi-elliptic leaf springs, rear rigid axle with longitudinal leaf springs 3/4 of an ellipse Brakes : Brake pedal (mechanical) acting on the transmission and hand brake (mechanical) acting on rear wheels Steering : RHD position, steering wheel and screw. Frame: steel, longitudinal and transverse members; Performance: maximum speed estimate: more than km / h 120 Numbering frames: from No. 559 to No. 861 (the numbering refers to the Delta models but should also include a few units of Didelta)

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