Lea-Francis 2½ Litre

The 2½ Litre is a car initially sold by the British automaker Lea-Francis from 1949 to 1953. A total of about 85 examples were built.

Three models were made: a sports car, saloon, and tourer. The chassis of the 2½ Litre was very similar in appearance to that of the 14hp Sport. It was fitted with a bulky 2496cc four-cylinder engine designed by Hugh Rose capable of generating 100 to 120 bhp of output. The gearbox was inadequate for the engine, and the brakes were not always up to the engine's performance. The 2½ Litre also featured high-lift shafts, four rocker boxes, and two SU H3 carburetors. Along with the engine, the vehicle weighed approximately 1143 kg.