The Ace of Spades was a car made by Lea-Francis between 1930 and 1935.

The car was named so due to the shape of the timing case cover,. The car was fitted with Lea-Francis’ own six cylinder engine and was smooth running. Two engine sizes were on offer, the 1991cc (which produced 60bhp) and the 2244cc (which produce 70bhp). The engines had an overall consumption of 24mpg.

The first chassis were very similar to the P Type, but longer ( being 9ft 6in) and in a heavier gauge. Later the shorter P Type chassis was used (beig 9ft 3in). A new closer ratio gearbox (the Duo) was fitted, as well as a new plate clutch.

Body styles included saloon and tourer, as well as coupés. In 1932 an enlarged version called the 18hp was made, but never went into production.

50 long-chassis and 26 short-chassis cars were built, of which only four long chassis survive and probably 3 short.