The I Type was a car made by Lea-Francis in 1925

The E Type chassis gave rise to a number of variants, the F Type with a three speed gearbox, the H Type fitted with a Meadows 4ED engine and the I type which was specified as being fitted with a Meadows 4EC engine.

As with many companies of the period, interpretation of specifications and record keeping accuracy varied at Lea-Francis, often according to how busy they were. As a result, the exact number of any specific model built is difficult to ascertain accurately, chassis frames starting with one designation often being fitted with a different engine and leaving the works as a different model.

Likewise some cars specified as a particular model left the works still with this designation but with the specification of another. For example, a number of I types left the works with the 19bhp 4EB engine, as specified for the E Type rather than the 28bhp 4EC.

As with the E Type, the I Type had only two wheel brakes with the handbrake operating on the transmission.

298 I Types were built and two are known to have survived.