Ligier-JS2-Cosworth Chassis 2379 72 03 - 2008 Le Mans Series Silverstone 1000 km WM

Ligier JS2 Cosworth, Chassis 2379 72 03, at the 2008 Le Mans Series Silverstone 1000 km, by Wouter Melissen -

The Ligier JS2 was a car built by Ligier between 1970 and 1977.

The JS2 carried the initials of Jo Schlesser who was killed in a Honda RA302 in the 1968 French Grand Prix. Jo Schlesser was a good friend of Guy Ligier so he named his car after his recently deceased friend.

The JS2 was a fibreglass bodied mid-engined sportscar powered by the 2965cc V6 also found in the Citroën SM and Maserati Merak.

The engine was able to produce 190hp and the car had a top speed of 153mph (246kmh). The JS2 had a five speed gear box and was rear-wheel drive.

Ligier had good access thanks to entering into a deal with Citroën to build the SM in the immediate aftermath of the Peugeot takeover.

The JS2 was built in relatively small numbers until production ceased in 1974 following the oil crisis.

In 1974, the Ligier JS2 won the Tour de France Automobile.

The final SMs were produced in the Ligier factory in Vichy.