The Lincoln EL-Series is a full-size luxury car that was sold from 1949 through to the 1951 model year.

The first all-new postwar Lincolns were introduced on April 22, 1948. They had a more streamlined appearance than the 1948 models. However the new two-piece windshield seemed a bit out of sync with the modern styling. At a distance it was hard to tell a Lincoln apart from a Mercury. Recessed headlights and a shinier front end set it apart.

In 1950 a new horizontal grille with elements enhanced the appearance of the standard Lincoln. Its name was in the same location on the front fender as last year, but it was larger. In mid-model year, the Lido coupe was added to the line. It featured a vinyl top and custom interior.

The front end of the 1951 Lincoln looked like a 1950 model that had gotten into a fight, and lost. The grille bar only extended from the center section to the bumper guards. A forward slanting vertical piece was added to the front fender side chrome. The word Lincoln was written behind it. The glamorous Lido coupe came with a canvas or vinyl roof, fender skirts, rocker panel molding and custom interior.