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1987 Larrousse - Lola LC87, Ford Alliot, from Wikipedia

The Lola LC87 was a race car that the French racing team Larrousse Calmels used in the 1987 Formula 1 season.


Larrousse Calmels was one of two teams that competed in Formula 1 for the first time in the 1987 season. The founders of the team were former racer and motorsports manager Gérard Larrousse and French businessman Didier Calmels.

Unlike most other Formula 1 teams, Larrousse had neither its own development department nor production facilities during its early years. Instead, Larrousse initially commissioned the British racing car manufacturer Lola Cars to develop and build its Formula 1 vehicles.

The successor of the LC87 was the LC88.


The LC87 was constructed by Eric Broadley and Ralph Bellamy. It corresponded in many ways to the Lola T87/50, a racing car Lola had developed for Formula 3000. The overall concept of the LC87 is described as "fairly conventional". It had a wide carbon-fiber monocoque body. The wheels were suspended like the F3000 car, to triangle cross control bars. The front and rear of the LC87 had tie rods that were powered by an eight cylinder Cosworth DFZ engine. The engine was developed by Heini Mader Racing Components and prepared in Switzerland. Power transmission was transmitted via a five-speed gearbox from Hewland.

The LC87 was a heavyweight car. Its curb weight early in the season was more than 30 kg above the minimum allowable weight. The team succeeded in the summer of 1987 with reducing the weight nearly 20 kg.

Race history

The LC87 made its debut at the second race of the season in the Grand Prix of San Marino. Philippe Alliot's results in the car were sufficient enough for him to earn third place in the Jim Clark trophy and Lola second in the Colin Chapman trophy.

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