Lola T292 DFV, Chassis HU50, at the 2013 Dix Mille Tours, WM

Lola T292 DFV, Chassis HU50, at the 2013 Dix Mille Tours, by Wouter Melissen -

The Lola T292 was a sports car prototype produced by Lola Cars in 1972. A total of 25 cars were made.

Development history

The T292 was designed by Patrick Head and John Barnard, the model followed the Lola T290.

The T292 was designed and built to regulation for use in the 2-litre class of motor racing, and was designed to accept a variety of four cylinder engines, and at least one was fitted with a three-litre, Cosworth DFV V8.

The race car had a new chassis and aerodynamic improvements were made to its body, in comparison to its predecessor. Despite the relatively low performance of the 2-litre engines, the T292 reached a top speed of almost 300 km/h.

The two-litre Lola T292 proved a commercial success and over two dozen were built and sold, while several T290's were updated with T292 bodywork.

Over the years, a number of different 2 litre engines were used.

Racing History

On the track, the 1973 machine also proved a success. Chris Craft used a Cosworth BDG exampled machine to win the European Two-Litre Sports Car championship and Lola ended the year as constructor's champion.

Overall, the T292 was entered in a total of 139 races.


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