The Lyncar 006 was a British Formula 1 racing car, used from 1974 to 1977.

The New Zealand racing driver John Nicholson was the driver of the car, he was picked in 1973. The Lyncar 006 was a straightforward car with an aluminum monocoque and outboard brakes. The suspension was taken from the Lyncar 001, with which Nicholson secured the 1973 championship title in Formula Atlantic.

The front end of the car had a small adjustable front wing. Nicholson drove the 006 in 1974 in two non-championship races in the UK and tried unsuccessfully to qualify for the Grand Prix. In 1975, he drove the car was his only outing in a World Championship race. At the British Grand Prix at Silverstone, Nicholson managed to come 17th, despite an accident in the rain.