The MG 18/100 (also known as the Tigress) was a car model introduced in 1930. Production ended in 1931 with only 5 cars being made.

The 18/100 was a development based on the 18/80. The 18/100 had the 18/80's similar basic specification with a 2.5 litre six-cylinder engine that featured dry-sump lubrication, twin-spark cylinder head, newly developed overhead camshafts and countless more improvements. The cars were fitted with a close ratio gearbox, cockpit-adjusted brakes and many other minor refinements.

The Tigress weighted well over 3000 lbs, partly due to the open four-seat racing bodywork that was needed to conform to AIACR regulations.

The Tigress has been largely overshadowed by the more reliable, smaller and cheaper MG M-Type Midget. Both cars completed at the 1930 Brooklands Double Twelve race which was, where the Tigress made its debut appearance. In the end, the Midgets completed the race for the team victory while the larger, more dramatic Tigress models retired with engine failure. Due to the results at Brooklands and its expensive price, only five Tigress models were completed.

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