MG 18/80

The MG 18/80 was a mid-sized car produced by MG from 1928 as the successor of the 14/28 and 14/40.

The Mark I was a 2-door touring car, like its predecessors and the with the Mark II was a 2-door coupe, built by 1928 to 1932. The sedan Mark III was only available between the model years 1930 and 1931.

The car was similar to the Morris Oxford "Bullnose" from which they were derived. The 18/80 already showed the typical MG grille with vertical fins and vertical center bar and set up lights.

The bodies were great which were equipped with inline six-cylinder engines with an overhead cam (OHC). These engines had a 2468cc capacity. The performance was about 80 bhp (59 kW). The Mark I and Mark III had single SU carburettors, while the Mark II was equipped with twin SU carburettors. The top speed was about 125 km/h.

In 1933 the WA replaced the 18/80.


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