The EX 135 was a streamlined Land Speed Record car built by MG in 1938.

Itwas fitted with a variety of engines from 2 cyl 500cc to a 1500cc unit which helped it break multiple records.

In 1951 at Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah the EX 135 was driven by A.T. Goldie Gardner. With his supercharged MG streamliner EX 135 car he obtained 6 international and 10 American records in the 1,100cc to 1,500cc engine class.

In 1952 he returned to Bonneville with the MG EX 135 car and set 21 speed records in the same engine class as the previous year.

Fitted with a new streamlined body, the last run at Bonneville was in 1952 when Gardner was injured in a crash.

It had a variety of engines from 2 cyl 500cc, to 1500cc and did wondrous things.

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