The MG EX 179 is a Land Speed Record car that was built by MG in 1954.

This record car has its origins in 1952 with the creation of the first two MGA prototypes the EX 172. One of these was modified with a small windscreen and a full belly pan but the results proved disappointing. Renamed EX 179 it was given it's fully streamlined body and other modifications.

In 1954 it was sent to the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA for an assault on the Class F records. Driven by George Eyston it achieved seven International Records including a record of 153 mph and a twelve hour record of 120.74 mph.

The EX 179 was reconfigured in 1956 with a BMC B series 1500cc engine again setting multiple records.

The car was configured for left-hand drive in 1954 and converted to right-hand drive in 1956. This is apparently because the exhaust comes out the top of the bonnet so it would be uncomfortable for the driver to sit with his face in the exhaust stream. Also the steering column needs to clear the exhaust manifold. The earlier XPEG engine had exhaust on the right side, while the later Austin B-Series engine had exhaust on the left side.

The car now resides at the Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon, England.

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