The Maico MC 500 G is a car model of the car manufacturer Maico from Pfäffingen. He was released in September 1955 as a largely identical successor to the 500 G Champion and was produced until December 1956.


The two-door station wagon had room for four people.


The wheelbase was 196 cm and the track width was 120 cm at the front and 115 cm at the rear. The vehicle length is 340 cm, the width is 147 cm and the height is 135 cm. With a curb weight of 600 kg, the maximum permissible weight is 920 kg.


The water-cooled two-cylinder two stroke engine of Heinkel had a displacement of 452 cm³ and produced ​​13 kW. It was mounted in the rear of the vehicle and was mated to a four-speed transmission. The top speed was 80 km/h and fuel consumption was reported to be 5 litres per 100 km.

Price and quantity

The price was 4295 DM.Between September 1955 and December 1956, 21 cars were made.