The March 701 was the first Formula 1 racecar produced by the British manufacturer March. It competed in the 1970 and 1971 seasons of Formula One.

The project was headed by Robin Herd and Peter Wright, it was a pretty conventional racecar with a monocoque aluminum engine chassis which was fitted with a Ford Cosworth DFV engine. The car was fitted with a Hewland DG 300 5-speed gearbox. The front suspension was double wishbone with coil springs and shock absorbers. At the rear, suspension were arms. A total of 11 cars were produced.

The cars debut in Formula One was thanks to the financial support of STP oil. The drivers were Chris Amon and Jo Siffert. Two cars were also used by the Tyrrell team who with the defending World Champion, Jackie Stewart. The second driver was Johnny Servoz-Gavin, later replaced by François Cevert.

Stewart won a victory at the Spanish Grand Prix and three other podium finishes, while Amon got a second and third place. However the car was not competitive enough for the ambitions of Stewart and Ken Tyrrell, who had already during the season created their own car.