March 76S 3.0 DFVis a unique 3.0 Cosworth DFV powered March 76S, acquired privately by Guy Edwards for himself and John Lepp to drive in selected rounds of the 1976 World Sportscar Championship.

Between Edwards' Formula One races in the 1976 Penthouse-Rizla Hesketh 308D, he and Lepp raced the March 76S with Ultramar sponsorship in the Nurburgring 300 Kilometres, Monza 4hrs and Dijon 500 km.

Soon afterwards the 76S became part of the extensive Rosso-Bianco collection. Here it remained un-raced and preserved in time-warp condition in their Museum at Aschaffenburg from the 1970s until only recently.

The car has now recently been fully re-built and prepared for historic motorsport by Simon Hatfield, yet retains its original bodywork and livery intact, complete with a fresh Dick Langford built Cosworth 3.0 DFV. This rare mid-1970s prototype with aerodynamic downforce is a highly competitive and potentially race-winning car for both CER (Peter Auto) and Proto 70s (Masters) race series.