The Marcos 2 Litre V4 was introduced in 1969.

It was powered by the Ford 2 Litre V4 (hence the name) and introduced to fill the gap between the ever popular Marcos 1600 and the more powerful 3 Litre. This proved very popular with the younger Marcos owner, as it fell into a lower insurance bracket and was more economical.

The distinguishing features of the 2 Litre were negligible. The only difference being a 165 x 13 tyre as opposed to a 175 x 13 fitted to the 3 Litre, and the single exhaust pipe on the later cars.

The 2 Litre engine, although popular proved to be too fragile especially on long motorway runs where total failure was not uncommon. The engine was fitted with a single Weber carburettor and produced 83 bhp.

In all 78 cars, priced at £1589,  were produced at Westbury between 1969 and 1971.

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