The Marcos Fastback was introduced in 1963, with just 18 cars being produced. It was the final model prior to the introduction of the classic Marcos two-seaters.

In December 1962, Marcos had completed its move to a new premises at Greenland Mills in Bradford On Avon, Wiltshire. In February 1963 the Fastback was launched at the London Racing Car Show.

This particular model was very successful in competition. The first three Fastbacks were produced as Spyders with their hardtops bonded on permanently. The Spyder was not well received and a hardtop was deemed essential. It was hastily grafted onto the Spyder body creating the Fastback, nicknamed "the Breadvan". It is thought that three subsequent cars retained detachable hardtops.

The Fastback enjoyed considerable success in GT competition with the likes of Derek Bell and many other well known drivers, abroad it also included ice racing in Sweden.

The Fastback still had the 997cc Ford 105E engine of its predecessors but now it was fitted with twin Weber carburettors. The engine now produced 84 bhp.

The price for a Fastback was just £775.

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