The Marcos GT Xylon was the first car produced by Marcos. The cars were produced between 1959 and 1960, with only 9 being produced. The cars were built in Dolgellau, North Wales.

The first Marcos was conceived, like many great British inventions, in a pub. In May 1959, Jem Harsh met Frank Costin in a pub in Hitchin. Frank Costin worked for the De Havilland Aircraft Company where he worked on wooden-framed aircraft and aerodynamics with his brother Mike Costin. Costin put his aviation design skills to good use and designed a lightweight wooden laminate monocoque body and chassis.

The cars had tiny doors, which were linked by bulkheads. The roof structure supported these gull-wing doors. Mahogany, spruce and birch marine plywood were used to build the entire body and chassis unit including the gull-wing doors. A fibreglass nose and rear quarters were developed as an alternative to the original design. A four piece windscreen was a main feature and the car was originally fitted with cycle wings.

The original Ford 100E engine of the prototype was replaced with the Ford 105E engine on all production cars.

The first production model debuted in March 1960 in London. It was named the "Xylon” (the Greek for wood).

The car was extremely effective on the race track being both fast and streamlined for its day. It was built purely as a race car to compete in 750 Motor Club events. Drivers included Jackie Stewart, Bill Moss and Jackie Oliver.

The Marcos GT Xylon was sold and distributed by the Monocoque Body & Chassis Company Ltd.

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