The Marcos Luton Gullwing was the second model produced by Marcos. It was based on the Xylon and introduced in 1962. The car was available in both race and road form, using more fibreglass in the construction helped to obtain a more streamlined shape. Just 13 cars were produced in Luton.

The Luton Gullwing had a price tag of £830 which came in a kit and included all parts needed to build one. The car had the same running gear of its predecessor including the 997cc Ford OHV inine four-cylinder engine which produced 39 bhp. The top speed was 90 mph.

In 1962 a Luton Gullwing driven by John Hine and Richard Prior entered Le Mans, the car was timed at 129 mph on the Mulsanne straight but unfortunately retired in the eighth hour with a failed camshaft.

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