The Marendaz 13/100 was a car made by Marendaz between 1935 and 1936. Few (if any) were made.

The car had a 1985cc side-valve six-cylinder engine which had coil ignition. The engine had started life as a small Studebaker unit but Marendaz fitted their won special heads and different pistons. The manifolding had been revised and carburettor had been changed from updraught to downdraught. The crankcase and block were cast in-house as parts were getting hard to find. A polished cover was added to the block. The car was essentially a supercharged 13/70. The engine produced 100bhp and the top speed is not know.

Power was driven through a single-plate clutch and a four-speed gearbox. Gearboxes fitted were either of Marendaz design or were made by Moss. They were mounted at the front end of the torque tube and supported by a spherical housing resting on a chassis member.

The chassis was 9ft 9in long and had semi-elliptical leaf-springs in the front and cantilever springs in the rear. Hydraulic drum brakes were fitted.

The car was also a similar to the Marendaz Special 13/90.