The Marendaz Special 9/90 was a car produced between 1926 and 1931. An estimated 25 were made.

The car was fitted with a 1094 cc side-valve 4-cylinder engine. Power was driven through a cone clutch (later a single-plate clutch was used) to a three or four-speed gearbox to a spiral bevel rear axle. The engine produced 90bhp and it is not known how what the top speed of the car was. It is presumed that the engine was supercharged.

The chassis was 104in long and had cantilever springs in the rear and double shock absorbers all round. Four wheel brakes were fitted with the front being pedal-operated and handbrake operating the rear wheels.

The Marendaz Special 9/90 took the world Class G 24-hour record in 1928.

The chassis was sold for £650.

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